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Tours torres del paine

In case you are thinking of visiting this National Park of more than 220,000 hectares, consider planning your trip in advance! This is because, in order to spend the night in a hotel, refuge or camping inside the park, you will have to do it through the reservation system provided by each of the tourist companies. Likewise, the entrance fee to the National Park must be purchased at least 24 hours in advance.

Here are some trails and attractive points to visit during your visit:

Portería y Guardería Serrano: Here you will have a place to rest, whether it is a hotel, refuge or camping, as well as a cafeteria and restaurant. You will also find the vehicular road that will take you to the Lago Grey Hotel as well as to the Salto Chico, Pehoé and Salto Grande viewpoints.
Pudeto Sector: This stop will provide you not only a place to eat, but also to take the ferry that connects to the Paine Grande Refuge and Nursery, where you can walk one of the most famous trails in the park, the “W”. In addition, from Pudeto you can access by vehicle to the most photographed viewpoints: Salto Chico, Peho√© and Salto Grande, while to visit the Mirador Cuernos, you will have to do it on foot.
Laguna Azul Gatehouse and Nursery: You can reach this point of the park by a vehicular road, where you will have an excellent view of the legendary “Torres del Paine” at the foot of the Blue Lagoon.
Laguna Amarga: This is the first stop of our buses, where you will find the road to access the 2 most popular circuits: The “W” and “Macizo Paine”.
Macizo Paine Circuit: This circuit is done on foot and -at least- it will take you 5 days of hiking to complete it. It starts in Laguna Amarga, where you must take a bus to the Welcome Center and, depending on what you have planned, you can go to the Base Torres Viewpoint or to the Ser√≥n Camping and Refuge, and then continue on to “Dickson”, “Los Perros”, “John Gardner” Pass, Grey Refuge, “Paine Grande”, “Italiano”, “Franc√©s”, “Los Cuernos” and return to the starting point.
W Circuit: You can start this trip from the Laguna Amarga or Pudeto Porter√≠a, if you decide to do it from the latter point where our buses leave, you must take a ferry that crosses Lake Peho√© to the Paine Grande Nursery and Refuge and there take the path of this circuit. In the opposite direction, if you get off at Laguna Amarga (the first stop of our buses) you must take an approach bus to the Welcome Center and start your journey knowing the Torres del Paine and then take the trail to “Los Cuernos”, “Franc√©s”, “Italiano”, “Paine Grande” and finish with the glaciers in Refugio Grey.
Come to know and enjoy this land full of biodiversity!

And remember, ALWAYS respect the park regulations, so that EVERYONE has the opportunity to get to know this natural wonder!


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