Buses Base Torres

Terms and conditions

 1.  At the time of ticket purchase, please confirm that your ticket correctly indicates the date, time and section required by you, otherwise no subsequent claims will be accepted for alleged errors of this type. 

2.  You will not be able to board the bus if your ticket is not previously confirmed with date and time. 

3.  Incomplete, torn, illegible or adulterated tickets will not be accepted. 

 4. Passengers must be present at least 30 minutes prior to the bus departure. 

5.  If you require date and time changes, these can only be made 4 hours prior to departure (IDA) and for returns from Torres del Paine to Puerto Natales the day before. 

6.  The company is entitled to refund 85% of the ticket price if the customer cancels the ticket 4 or more hours in advance (Art. 67 DS 212/92 MTT). Once this time has elapsed, the company has the right not to make the refund. 

 7. The company is not responsible if due to force majeure or inclement weather the bus is delayed and the passenger does not arrive on time to their destination. 

8.  The company is not responsible for forgotten and/or lost objects on the bus. 

9.  By law, seats 1-2-3-4 are preferential for disabled passengers. In justified cases you must give up your seat. 

10. Expired or unused tickets are not refunded. It is also not possible to reuse them.

11.  The article(s) carried by the passenger declared for an amount greater than 5 UTM, must be declared for security measures for both parties. If necessary, the documentation proving its value will be requested. You may request a baggage declaration form at our office. 

12.  You must consider that the sale by internet or in a hostel does not always have the same values as in the office. This particularly in the case of external sales. 

13.  Buses Base Torres reserves the right to modify the present general conditions and the interpretative quality of them.