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We are a bus company to Torres del Paine that takes you to different points of the wonderful Torres del Paine Park.

 How to get to Torres del Paine by bus?

Base Torres brings you with its bus to Torres del Paine in a safe way so that you can fall in love and be surprised by its majestic beauty and immensity.

Why prefer our buses to Torres del Paine?


Because we have a staff of professional drivers and a trained, warm and responsible assistant staff.


For our commitment to the strictest safety parameters and established covid protocols.

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For the ample capacity and comfort that you will be able to experience in our buses.

Bus schedules to Torres del Paine

To get to Torres del Paine by bus, Base Torres offers different departures from Puerto Natales between 7:00 and 14:15 hours.

The stops in Torres del Paine Park are the following:

buses a torres del Paine


 Patagonian Ice Catamaran Connection

buses a torres del paine

Laguna Amarga

Entrance to Torres del Paine. Connection with the Base Torres Trail (transfer to the towers). Beginning of trails O and W.

buses a torres del paine


Las Carretas” trail connection.

Torres del Paine: a destination from another planet.

What a joy that you are about to meet the Eighth Wonder of the World and that we will have the honor to take you there!

Torres del Paine is one of the most special places in the world. 

Its great mountains, inland rivers, countless lakes, spectacular glaciers, wildlife and idyllic nature have made it recognized by UNESCO as one of the wonders of the world.

How can I buy tickets for Torres del Paine? 

Before visiting the park, we recommend you to buy your tickets HERE

Everything you need to know about your trip from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine

You can go up to Torres del Paine in your own vehicle or rent one. There is also the possibility of hiring a private transportation service or through the Base Torres buses that will take you from Puerto Natales. One of our routes takes you to Laguna Amarga, which is the stop that connects you to the Base Torres trailhead, which is the beginning of the O and W trails.

It is approximately 4 hours of travel (round trip). Leaving Puerto Natales at 07:00 am from the bus terminal Avenida España towards the Torres del Paine National Park, we will cross the province until we arrive at Laguna Amarga, where you can take a transfer (Las Torres) to reach the welcome center and start the trail to reach the famous viewpoint Base of the Towers (20 kilometers of walking). Once back you will have to take the transfer (Las Torres) at the welcome center at 18:30 pm to take the bus from Laguna Amarga to Puerto Natales at 19:30 pm, arriving at Natales at 21:30 pm app.


In the BUY YOUR TRIP button of our website you can buy online your tickets to Torres del Paine. You will be redirected to an external page where you can book day and time according to your requirements.

There are different options of programs and excursions to Torres del Paine that start at $55. Everything will depend on the experience you want to live and what you want to include. There are panoramic tours, hiking tours, special interests that can be for one day or more.

There are tours from one day to approximately 8 days. During this tour you will be able to enjoy one of the most extensive and beautiful routes of the Park. The circuit delights you with a spectacular landscape with abundant glaciers, mountains and a fauna and flora that will make this adventure a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tours Torres del Paine

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